Pehuenche Trail

In the commune of Lonquimay, we find the ancestral territories of Icalma, Cruzaco and Quinquen. With the service of guided tours it is possible to live through a unique experience full of cultural identity content in which tourists are offered a sample of their traditions and the possibility to learn about the world view of the Pehuenche people. 


These are eatable seeds of the Arucanian Araucaria tree, which are collected in the months of March and April. Their taste is mild and pleasant and used by different regional typical food restaurants that fuse together this wonderful mountain product.

Sierra Nevada Volcano

Sierra Nevada Volcano, Andean Araucanía At 2.554 meters high above sea level, the volcano is located in La Araucanía premountain range area, along with many known peaks as for example Llaima, Lonquimay and Tolhuaca volcanoes. It is absorbed inside the Conguillío National Park. As it is a mountainous territory, it is recommended to hire local…

Batea Mahuida

Batea Mahuida Location: 6 km from Icalma, international road to Liucura, in the community of Cruzaco. This volcano is found in the commune of Lonquimay, bordering between Chile and Argentina, by the Icalma-Cruzaco area. It is a binational volcano, of easy access, where during the summertime, visitors can explore it by car. Lagoons, valleys, volcanoes,…