Parish Church Sagrado Corazón, National Monument

Parish Church Sagrado Corazón, National MonumentIglesia Parroquial Sagrado Corazón, Monumento Nacional Being declared Historical Monument in 1992 due to its heritage value, this church is home of typical traditions of the German settlers of Puerto Varas through its architecture, which is based on its Romanesque Revival style. That church can be seen in the entire…

Spit Roasted Patagonian Lamb

The ritual of preparation taken after the patagonic gauchos, takes hours and thorough preparation. Lighting the fire and in a semi circle around the campfire setting the lambs skewed in a cross like large turnspit, that spins such delicious meat from time to time so as to not overcook it while in the meantime, people chat and prepare the rest of the food, is a must – see experience.