Pehuenche Trail

In the commune of Lonquimay, we find the ancestral territories of Icalma, Cruzaco and Quinquen. With the service of guided tours it is possible to live through a unique experience full of cultural identity content in which tourists are offered a sample of their traditions and the possibility to learn about the world view of the Pehuenche people. 

Batea Mahuida

Batea Mahuida Location: 6 km from Icalma, international road to Liucura, in the community of Cruzaco. This volcano is found in the commune of Lonquimay, bordering between Chile and Argentina, by the Icalma-Cruzaco area. It is a binational volcano, of easy access, where during the summertime, visitors can explore it by car. Lagoons, valleys, volcanoes,…