Canoeing people who lived between the Beagle Canal and Cabo de Hornos, cape. Their boats made from oak tree could reach a length of up to 5 meters long. Despite the fact that they were a people of navigators they were able to appreciate the living conditions of the islands and would set up camps made out of conic animal skin canopies, where permanently lit bonfires and covering their bodies with wolf fat was the normal way of keeping themselves warm.

Spit Roasted Patagonian Lamb

The ritual of preparation taken after the patagonic gauchos, takes hours and thorough preparation. Lighting the fire and in a semi circle around the campfire setting the lambs skewed in a cross like large turnspit, that spins such delicious meat from time to time so as to not overcook it while in the meantime, people chat and prepare the rest of the food, is a must – see experience.

Dip in the Strait

In June, at the height of the winter season and defying the low temperatures of the Magellan Strait, this singular Winter Dip has its crowded date. Thousands of enthusiasts get ready to immerse themselves in its icy and refreshing waters .Magellanic, Chilean and foreign tourists prepare themselves every winter for the experience, being awarded with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival, City of Punta Arenas In the longest night of the year, right in the middle of winter, Punta Arenas, capital region, dresses up with colors and brightness in this must-see Winter Carnival. Troupes, floats, which have been prepared all year long, parade through the city’s main streets making people dance and rejoice under…