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Eclipse Araucanía 2020 – Destino Araucanía Centro

Eclipse Araucanía 2020 – Destino Araucanía Centro En el centro de la Región de la Araucanía encontramos la ciudad de Temuco, que es la capital regional, donde puedes encontrar diferentes servicios, además de lugares históricos para visitar, como por ejemplo el Monumento Natural Cerro Ñielol, el Museo Nacional ferroviario Pablo Neruda, el Pabellón Araucanía, entre…

ALMA Observatory

ALMA Observatory©Photographys Courtesy: ALMA Observatory Location: It is located 50 km from the city of San Pedro. It is composed of 66 radio telescope antennas of 7 and 12 meters that work together to study the Universe. ALMA Project is situated at an altitude of 5 thousand meters on the Chajnantor plain on the Andes…

Eclipse Araucanía 2020 – Destino Araucanía Costa

Eclipse Araucanía 2020 – Destino Araucanía Costa En el sector costero de la Región de la Araucanía encontramos las comunas de Puerto Saavedra y Teodoro Schmidt, repletas de cultura, en donde debido a su geografía se puede practicar la pesca, paseos en canoas mapuches, como también la observación de aves. Además, posee caletas de pescadores,…

Eclipse Araucanía 2020

Eclipse Araucanía 2020 Este 14 de diciembre los cielos de Chile volverán a ser escenario de un fenómeno histórico de la astronomía, cuando un eclipse total de sol cruce la Región de la Araucanía y parte de la Región de Los Ríos. Será aproximadamente a las 13:07 pm el momento máximo donde la Luna se…

Parque Nacional Huerquehue

Parque Nacional Huerquehue El Parque Nacional Huerquehue ubicado en la Región de la Araucanía, cuenta con una superficie de 12.500 hectáreas con un relieve montañoso, donde cerros y quebradas encierran numerosos lagos y lagunas, rodeados por la legendaria araucaria. Se puede recorrer el parque mediante senderos de fácil acceso, donde podrás observar desde el valle…

Parque Nacional Villarrica

Parque Nacional Villarrica El Parque Nacional Villarrica se encuentra en la Región de la Araucanía en la Cordillera de los Andes. Cuenta con una superficie de 63 mil hectáreas, con extensos bosques de araucarias y lengas en los sectores altos, y raulí, mañio de hoja larga y coigües en los más bajos. Se caracteriza por…

Lanín Volcano

Lanín Volcano El volcán Lanín está situado en la zona fronteriza andina de Chile y Argentina, en la Región de La Araucanía, incluido en el Cinturón de Fuego del Pacífico. Es la cumbre más alta de la región, con 3.747 m.s.n.m. El Lanín está ubicado al interior del Parque Nacional Lanín, que limita al oeste…

Quetrupillán Volcano

Quetrupillán Volcano Ubicado entre las regiones de La Araucanía y de Los Ríos, el extinto volcán Quetrupillán llama la atención por lo achatada de su cumbre, lo que se debe a una gran explosión que destruyó la mitad de este volcán. Toda la zona que lo rodea está llena de araucarias y coigües, y en…

Villarrica Volcano

Villarrica Volcano El volcán Villarrica es uno de los volcanes con mayor registro histórico de erupciones de Sudamérica y el más peligroso de Chile según Sernageomin, con al menos 49 erupciones desde 1558. Se ubica al SE y NE de los lagos Villarrica y Calafquén, y a sus pies se ubican centros poblados con importante…

Tolhuaca Volcano

El volcán Tolhuaca se encuentra en el límite entre las regiones del Biobío y Araucanía. Es uno de los cerros más bellos de los Andes, de una altura de 2.806 metros, con abundantes lagunas a su alrededor, como Las Nalcas, Blanca, Malleco y Caracoles…

Llaima Volcano

Ubicado en la Región de La Araucanía, el volcán Llaima ocupa gran parte del Parque Nacional Conguillío. Es uno de los volcanes más activos de Sudamérica, con una altitud de 3.195 metros y más de 29 km2 de glaciares.

Parish Church Sagrado Corazón, National Monument

Parish Church Sagrado Corazón, National MonumentIglesia Parroquial Sagrado Corazón, Monumento Nacional Being declared Historical Monument in 1992 due to its heritage value, this church is home of typical traditions of the German settlers of Puerto Varas through its architecture, which is based on its Romanesque Revival style. That church can be seen in the entire…

Do you know the province of Tierra del Fuego?

Named so by the ancient settlers who would see the bonfires of the extinct natives on the other side of the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego flaunts with the diversity of its ecosystem.

Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument

Location: 24 kms north of Puerto Natales by Route Y-290, road under good conditions, we find this Natural Monument. From Torres del Paine National Park it is located 60 kms southbound. 


This locality of Puerto Varas is a tourist center by the eastern shore of Llanquihue Lake. It has a beach of fine sand and 2.5 kms large.

Site Museum of the Castle of Niebla

This cultural space that is located in the Corral Bay is part of the fort system of Valdivia. It includes restoration works, new and remodeling constructions.

Calle Calle River Navigation

With a length of 55 kms, this river is one of the most relevant tourist points of Valdivia, as in its navigation we can see the vegetation, German architecture, birds watching and the famous seals located in the entire coastal.

Todos Los Santos Lake

It is also known as Lago Esmeralda (emerald lake); its origin comes from a glacier and is located in the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales.

Icalma Lake

It is one of the tourist attractions of the Lonquimay commune. Its Mapudungun name means “Espejo de Agua” (Mirror of Water), due to the reflection of the hills on its body of water, located at 1.350 meters high.

Calbuco Volcano

At 2.003 meters above sea level, it is an active volcano located at the southwest of Llanquihue Lake. It’s a favorite attraction for those who enjoy the high mountain and mountain climbing.

Moon Valley

This wonderful valley composed of sedimentary rocks intervened by various minerals is located 17 km from the center of San Pedro. Its particular stone and sand formation has a similitude with the moon surface and natural coliseum of big dimensions.

Licancabur Volcano

With a height of 5.916 meters, this volcano is located on the border between Bolivia and Chile, and can be seen far of the city of San Pedro. The volcano is part of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, which is every year visited by different tourists of the world.

Cejar Lagoon

It is considered as one of the biggest tourist attractions of San Pedro because it is deep into a blue sky landscape, the white of the salt, the sky-blue of the water and the pink of the flamingos that arrive to the place to eat. Located 28 km inside the city of Atacama…

Aguas Calientes Salt Flat

This amazing salt flat is located 200 km from San Pedro de Atacama, at an altitude of 4.280 meters on the Chilean high plateau. Its landscape seems surrealistic because the colors, shades and tones of the red mountainous reliefs or the turquoise green of the lagoon…

Mocho Choshuenco Volcano

This volcano that is located inside the National Reserve Mocho Choshuenco, is characterized for having two volcanic cones and a flattened morphology, and in one of its insides has a glacier. It stands out for being surrounded by several lakes such as Riñihue, Panguipulli and Pirihueico, and being located a few kilometers away from Huilo Huilo Natural Reserve.

Osorno Volcano

2.652 meters high, this volcano is located in the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales. It is internationally known by its great nature landscapes, being the gateway to the Chilean Patagonia.

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument – Isla Magdalena, Island

35 km northeast of Punta Arenas and made up of Magdalena and Marta islands, this Park stands out  not only by the sightings of  Penguins and Imperial Conmorants but also by encountering different nature during the navigation into such nice place.

Lonquimay Volcano

Surrounded by big areas of Araucaria, Hualle, Lenga and Coigüe forests, this volcano is located about 130 kms northwest from the city of Temuco. Its attractive peak allow us to see much of the lagoons…

Do you know the province of Ultima Esperanza?

Provincia de Ultima Esperanza, Province where its capital city is Puerto Natales, named so after the spanish navigator whose mission was to find the entrance to the Strait of Magellan.

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

It is one of the oldest parks in Chile and has 16 paths; among those are: Los Enamorados (in love), Termas del Callao (thermal springs), Osorno Volcano, Cascada los Novios (bride and groom waterfall), Petrohué River Waterfalls and Green Lagoon. Also, it has viewpoints in almost all the route. Its main outdoor activities are trekking and mountain bike, which allow the tourists to know the flora and fauna of the place. 

Batea Mahuida Overlook

6 km from Icalma, we find this place, amazing for its natural beauty, where visitors will be captivated by the hillsides, volcano (of the same name), lakes , lagoons and forests right in the middle of Pehuenche territory.

Nahuelbuta National Park

Vast forests of Araucarias (Monkey Puzzle trees) can be seen in one of the most privileged places in La Araucania Region, located 35 kms northeast from the city of Angol. This area offers visitors unique and majestic landscapes with a fantastic view of the Andes Mountain Range, the Pacific Ocean, volcanos, condors, cities and towns. Among kilometers of scenic paths, Piedra de Aguila, Estero Los Gringos  and Camino del Arbol outstand.

Palguín Hot springs

Its waters ranging between 35 to 52 degrees Celsius,allow  easiness  of muscular,respiratory,digestive,skin and heart problems  due to their great natural benefits based  on lithium,potassium, iron and sulfur (of volcanic origin). 

Capitán Pastene Province of Malleco

It is home to the italian-mapuche gastronomic fusion, since the arrival of the settlers in the 20th century. Located 10 kilometers from the vicinity of Lumaco, from Traiguen towards the coast. We recommend visiting the Plaza de Armas square and the San Felipe de Neri church.

Pehuenche Trail

In the commune of Lonquimay, we find the ancestral territories of Icalma, Cruzaco and Quinquen. With the service of guided tours it is possible to live through a unique experience full of cultural identity content in which tourists are offered a sample of their traditions and the possibility to learn about the world view of the Pehuenche people. 

El Cañi Sanctuary

El Cañi Sanctuary Santuario El Cañi | Santuário El Cañi Location:  21 kms from Pucón by route that goes to Huife, in the vicinity of Pichares. It is a place that must be visited in the lake area. This sanctuary is inside a protective area in Chile, with more than 500 hectares of forests and…

Conguillío National Park

Location: A 117 kms from Temuco, by Temuco-Cunco-Melipeuco. Accessible all year long up to guard house Truful-Truful. There are other access roads, but it will depend on the weather conditions.

Do you know the province of Cautín?

Do you know the province of Cautín? ¿Tu conoces la provincia de Cautín? | ¿Você conhece a província de Cautín? This territory is located in the south of Chile, next to the province of Malleco. It has many highly touristic cities like: Curarrehue, Licán Ray, Pucón and Villarrica towards the mountain range; whereas to the…

Torres del Paine National Park

Location: From Puerto Natales, by Route 9 to Villa Cerro Castillo, until arrival at Laguna Amarga, lagoon, there are approximately 90 kms of road travel.

Pali Aike National Park

Location: 195 Km. northeast of Punta Arenas by route Y 405.

Palacio Sara Braun, Palace

Sara Braun Music Salon, Golden Salon, Board Room, Playroom (Sara Braun’s former bedroom),Main Balcony

Memorial Museum

Open – air museum, Historical houses, Guided tours.


Canoeing people who lived between the Beagle Canal and Cabo de Hornos, cape. Their boats made from oak tree could reach a length of up to 5 meters long. Despite the fact that they were a people of navigators they were able to appreciate the living conditions of the islands and would set up camps made out of conic animal skin canopies, where permanently lit bonfires and covering their bodies with wolf fat was the normal way of keeping themselves warm.

Museo de Sitio Nao Victoria Museum

4 real size replicas with historic certainty and interactive experience, ticket office, restrooms.


Natives’ people from the region, of canoeing and navigating culture who traveled the inner canals in boats made of tree trunks covered with animal skin, hunting and getting sea products.

Spit Roasted Patagonian Lamb

The ritual of preparation taken after the patagonic gauchos, takes hours and thorough preparation. Lighting the fire and in a semi circle around the campfire setting the lambs skewed in a cross like large turnspit, that spins such delicious meat from time to time so as to not overcook it while in the meantime, people chat and prepare the rest of the food, is a must – see experience.


These are eatable seeds of the Arucanian Araucaria tree, which are collected in the months of March and April. Their taste is mild and pleasant and used by different regional typical food restaurants that fuse together this wonderful mountain product.


It is a typical kind of dough belonging to our natives’ people. It is made of grinded grains of cooked and peeled wheat or millet. Its form is flat and extended. It can be served with honey or with a delicious pebre, which is a Chilean onion dip. It is present in all Mapuche ceremonies as well as their traditional drink Muday 


It is a traditional seasoning in Mapuche cuisine. The process of preparation involves a base ingredient, Goat’s Horn chili, dried and smoked, that is ground with other spices and salt. It is a must ingredient in meals. This fine, deep red, warm powder can be incorporated to any given recipe. It can be found in major supermarkets and craft fairs in the region.

Shearing Feast

Villa Tehuelches is the place that holds this celebration whose only purpose is to bring together the different traditions and tasks of the Patagonia. The main activity is the shearing, but also includes exhibitions of riders’ skills, sheep dogs in action, as well as handcrafts and folk shows. Regional dishes can also be tasted at the different food stands available.

Bahía Chilota Bay

Place of arrival by ferry boat to Porvenir from Punta Arenas. Located 5 km from the city of Porvenir.

Cementerio de Punta Arenas Cemetery

National monument as of 2012,was inaugurated in 1894.The entrance gate was donated by Sara Braun and the delicately cypress trimmed walkways decorate the ancient streets where  mausoleums belonging to the oldest  pioneering families of Punta Arenas, portray the history of the city. Visits, cypress walkways, mausoleums.

Mirador Cerro de la Cruz Viewpoint

Iconic place to observe a panoramic view  of the city and the Magellan Strait. From this point over, it is possible to  watch sunsets while the city begins to light up contemplating Tierra del Fuego from afar. 

Dip in the Strait

In June, at the height of the winter season and defying the low temperatures of the Magellan Strait, this singular Winter Dip has its crowded date. Thousands of enthusiasts get ready to immerse themselves in its icy and refreshing waters .Magellanic, Chilean and foreign tourists prepare themselves every winter for the experience, being awarded with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival, City of Punta Arenas In the longest night of the year, right in the middle of winter, Punta Arenas, capital region, dresses up with colors and brightness in this must-see Winter Carnival. Troupes, floats, which have been prepared all year long, parade through the city’s main streets making people dance and rejoice under…

National Potato Festival

National Potato Festival It is one of the traditional activities in the coastal area. Volunteers gather in preparing the world’s biggest Chilean Potato Pie whose latest version was 110, 30 meters long. It is a well organized quality event and part of the anniversary of the city of Carahue. It’s filled with ground beef, onion,…

City of Villarrica Air Festival

City of Villarrica Air Festival It is one of the most relevant events in the civil aeronautical world within the month of February. This event takes place in the airfield of the city of Villarrica, located by Route S-95-T towards the town of Lican Ray. International pilots show their skills performing different acrobatics in the…

We Txipan Antü

We Txipan Antü It is the celebration of the Mapuche New Year starting June 21st and ending on June 24th. This date corresponds to the rebirth of nature and the beginning of the longest days before Summer Solstice, where the Mapuche people carry out the guillatun (requests for their well being), family celebrations and rituals…

Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas Located at 1.016 kms from Santiago, 11 hours away. You must take highway 5 South to the detour by the R-225. This city, which was colonized by German immigrants, is located at the edge of the Llanquihue Lake. It has beautiful squares full of flowers, an architecture based on wood and stone (mountain…


Lonquimay It is a city located in the mountain area of La Araucanía, whose main population are Pehuenches communities. Its economic activity is based on the forest market and the cattle industry. In tourism, the majesty of the Lonquimay Volcano, its parks and paths are enhanced. Es una ciudad ubicada en el sector cordillerano de…

Oncol National Park

Oncol National Park Location: It is located 28 kms away from the city of Valdivia, to the coast’s mountain range. You must take the route to Niebla. Passing through the bridge above Cruces River, turn right at 250 meters by Pilolcura road to the signposted detour to the park.  This nature area with more than…

Beer Fest

Beer Fest, City of Valdivia The beer fest is one of the biggest events of Valdivia in the summer. 4 days of celebration where there are lots of beers to those who love that drink, which seeks to share the German traditions of this brewery capital. It has different typical German competitions such as cutting…

The Sagra and Carretada of Capitán Pastene

The Sagra and Carretada of Capitán Pastene, Araucanía Nahuelbuta It is a traditional activity of the Italian settlers, in which every year people represent their arrival to Capitán Pastene through wagons and oxen, marking the arrival of the first patriots more than 100 years ago. It takes place in the main square of the commune,…

Valdivian Coast

Valdivian Coast When the rain is over, Valdivia becomes the favorite destination by the tourists, as, besides the cultural activities that offers this place, its coast has beaches, viewpoints, paths, flora and fauna, history, handcrafts and the traditional gastronomy in the middle of the hugeness of its landscapes, where estuaries, rivers and the Pacific Ocean…

Volcanic complex Nevados de Chillán, Ñuble region

Volcanic Complex Nevados de Chillán, Ñuble region The volcanic complex of more than 3 thousand meters above sea level is located between mountain ranges, and it’s surrounded by a leafy vegetation in order to reach the steep and complex peak of the massif. Its winter activities are skiing, snow tubing and sledding, and throughout the…

The love of Chile´s Pavilion

The love of Chile´s Pavilion Audiovisual rooms: people, fruits, cube’s room, guide tour, auditorium, restaurant, store, parking.  Address: 0221 Prat St. City of Temuco, La Araucanía region. Salas audiovisuales: Personas, frutas, sala del cubo, recorrido guiado, auditorium, restaurant, tienda, estacionamiento. Dirección: Prat 0221 Ciudad de Temuco, Región de La Araucanía Salas audiovisuales: Personas, frutas, sala…

Chillán Volcano

Chillán Volcano It is one of the most beautiful peaks of the country; the volcano is 3.172 meters high above sea level. It has a ski center, thermal waters, overlooks and paths and is surrounded by a large vegetation at the foot of Los Andes Mountain Range. It has forest of Oaks, Lengas and Coigües. …

Tolhuaca National park

Tolhuaca National Park Located at 45 kms from Curacautín. You must take Route 181, then R-755 until arriving to Tolhuaca Thermal Springs and then turn left. Se encuentra a 45 km de Curacautín. Se toma la ruta 181, después la R-755 hasta llegar a las Termas Tolhuaca para luego doblar a la izquierda. Se encontra…

Tortilla of Ember

Tortilla of Ember It is one of the traditional preparations of La Araucanía. It is cooked with the ashes of the embers, and its ingredients are flour, baking soda, boiled water, salt and butter. Everything is mixed and then is cooked in the ember of a fire that is normally made above fine sand to…

Young Groat Roast and the traditions Festivity, Lonquimay, La Araucanía region

Young Groat Roast and the traditions Festivity, Lonquimay, La Araucanía region It is one of the most important gastronomic events in Lonquimay, where lots of grills light their fires to give life to a traditional meeting, with live music and country air in the middle of the summer season. This festivity is visited by thousands…

Llanquihue Lake, Los Lagos Region

Llanquihue Lake, Los Lagos region After the lake General Carrera, it is one of the biggest water resources of the country, and has 877 kms long. This territory, that is ideal for sailing, stands out for its vegetation, clear waters, fauna and flora, beaches, fields and the architectural beauties of the area, mainly for its…

Sierra Nevada Volcano

Sierra Nevada Volcano, Andean Araucanía At 2.554 meters high above sea level, the volcano is located in La Araucanía premountain range area, along with many known peaks as for example Llaima, Lonquimay and Tolhuaca volcanoes. It is absorbed inside the Conguillío National Park. As it is a mountainous territory, it is recommended to hire local…

Malalcahuello National Reserve

Malalcahuello National Reserve Location: It is located 30 kms away from Curacautín commune towards the mountain range. You must take the exit that goes to Victoria from Santiago, or the exit of Lautaro from the south. It is a paved road that is open the whole year; it is recommended to use snow chains in…

Batea Mahuida

Batea Mahuida Location: 6 km from Icalma, international road to Liucura, in the community of Cruzaco. This volcano is found in the commune of Lonquimay, bordering between Chile and Argentina, by the Icalma-Cruzaco area. It is a binational volcano, of easy access, where during the summertime, visitors can explore it by car. Lagoons, valleys, volcanoes,…

King Crab

La reina de los crustáceos, se luce en elaboradas preparaciones de “chupes” o simplemente acompañada de mayonesa. Estrella sofisticada de la cocina magallánica.

Do you know the province of Magallanes?

Magallanes, región ubicada al extremo sur de Chile, compensa el frio austral con la calidez de su gente que entre nevazones y vientos de 100k/h forman el carácter de la región con increíbles experiencias.