It is a traditional seasoning in Mapuche cuisine. The process of preparation involves a base ingredient, Goat’s Horn chili, dried and smoked, that is ground with other spices and salt. It is a must ingredient in meals. This fine, deep red, warm powder can be incorporated to any given recipe. It can be found in major supermarkets and craft fairs in the region.

Shearing Feast

Villa Tehuelches is the place that holds this celebration whose only purpose is to bring together the different traditions and tasks of the Patagonia. The main activity is the shearing, but also includes exhibitions of riders’ skills, sheep dogs in action, as well as handcrafts and folk shows. Regional dishes can also be tasted at the different food stands available.

Cementerio de Punta Arenas Cemetery

National monument as of 2012,was inaugurated in 1894.The entrance gate was donated by Sara Braun and the delicately cypress trimmed walkways decorate the ancient streets where  mausoleums belonging to the oldest  pioneering families of Punta Arenas, portray the history of the city. Visits, cypress walkways, mausoleums.